Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Image Credit: Supplied

Get ready to take control of the temperature of your home from anywhere you are. Say hello to Samsung’s latest Wind-Free air conditioners.

We live in a desert. It’s hot, humid, dusty and we have no control over it. The one place we can control is the inside of our homes.

We all know the feeling of getting into our house, switching on the AC and waiting for it to cool down the place. Well Samsung does not want you to ever have to wait again with their new Wind-Free air conditioners.

IoT to rule them all

Well now imagine this, you’re on your way home in the scorching summer heat, you take out your smartphone, open up your Smart Home App and you can remotely start your AC, have your home nice and cool by the time you arrive.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Image Credit: Supplied

The IoT-ready Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner comes completely capable of being controlled remotely from anywhere. Therefore, wherever you are, whether you want to switch the AC off or on, you have complete control.

In addition, there are many other benefits to owning the new Samsung Wind-Free air conditioners.

Wind-Free Cooling

Most people might relate to coming home and putting their AC on to its highest capability to ensure a rapid cooling. This is not only a waste of energy but also not good for the AC in the long run. Samsung takes this conventional process and drastically improves on it.

Like a conventional air conditioner, the Samsung Wind-free air conditioner starts its cooling process in fast-cooling mode but does so while using only 32% of the energy that would be required by conventional air conditioners thanks to its 8-Pole digital inverter. It maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on, so it’s much quieter, more durable and efficient.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Image Credit: Supplied

Once fast cooling has attained the desired temperature, the air conditioner’s main vent closes and air flows out of the machine through 21000 micro holes. The air conditioner spreads air through the room at a speed less than 0.15m/s.

This means the air conditioner is able to spread cool air through the room in a uniform manner without creating temperature variances or cold spots.

The Wind-Free air conditioner also cools faster thanks to its new triangular architecture, which has a wider inlet and outlet as well as a larger fan.

Long lasting

Both the internal and external units of the new Samsung Wind-Free air conditioners are made to last. As we mentioned earlier, we live in a part of the world with extreme temperatures.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Image Credit: Supplied

Keeping this in mind the new Wind-Free ACs come with Samsung’s Triple Protector Plus technology which prevent overloads, without a separate voltage stabilizer, has an anti-corrosion coating, and can endure harsh conditions such as our dust storms, heat and much more.

So where can you get one?

Samsung’s Wind-Free air conditioners are available at all leading electronics retail outlets in two sizes, 1.5 ton and 2 ton which retail at Dh3199 and Dh3799 (excluding VAT) respectively.