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Artificial intelligence has been dominating public discourse for some time now with promises of enhanced productivity and efficiency. But no product has been able to leverage it in a manner making it easily accessible touching various facets of life. Until now.

With the groundbreaking Galaxy AI on the brand-new Galaxy S24 Series, Samsung has blazed a trail. It has put mobile AI in the palm of your hands, making everyday actions effortless. From features such as Circle to Search with Google and Live Translate to photo editing tools like Edit Suggestion and Generative Edit, Galaxy AI enhances your everyday experiences like never before.

Circle it to find it

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Want to look up a bag you see on sale? On any other smartphone, it would be a multi-step process. But on the Galaxy S24 series, all you need to do is circle the bag from your camera’s viewfinder. Thanks to the Circle to Search with Google feature, the Galaxy S24 series will tell you what brand the bag is and where it is available, provide more details including stores where it might potentially be cheaper, and even allow you to customise search aspects like colour or size to further fine-tune your results.

You can do the same with text, which can come in handy if you don’t quite grasp what you are reading – all this is possible without switching between apps.

Speaking of reading, have you ever wished for summaries while ploughing through long articles? You can now have it with just a tap on the Galaxy S24 Series, courtesy of the new Web Assist and Note Assist features. And if there is someone around you who would understand it better in another language, Galaxy AI can translate it for them too.

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Nothing is lost in translation

Another remarkable AI feature on the Galaxy S24 Series is the Live Translate, which allows you to easily find your way around in a foreign place even without an internet connection. In real time, this feature translates what the opposite party is saying on call or in chat. You can then reply in your language, which will be translated back, facilitating a two-way conversation like never before.

Always a perfect shot

Samsung has been steadily improving both the zoom capabilities and night-time photography on its smartphones. With the Galaxy S24 Series, you get a set of cameras that are more advanced. Leveraging the better hardware and improved software is a feature called Nightography Zoom, a combination of both zoom and night-time photography. Thanks to these advances, you can get the best shot in just a tap, even when zooming in low-light conditions.

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The Galaxy S24 Series’ editing capabilities get a boost with a suite of AI features too. If you want to view a slow-motion version of a video you have already filmed, you just need to tap and hold the video in the smartphone’s Gallery application.The Instant Slow-mo feature also allows you to generate additoinal frames for action-packed videos offering a more detailed appearance. Simple edits such as erase, recompose and remaster and suitable tweaks can be done thanks to Galaxy AI's editing tools while Generative Edit allows you to fill in parts of an image background with generative AI. You can use the Generative Edit feature to tilt and fill, move and resize objects however you want.

AI for everyone

Featuring a premium and slim design, all three variants – Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 – sport a flat display with uniformly thin bezels, rated at 2,600nits, which means outdoor visibility even in direct sunlight.

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