Galaxy S10 university takeover
Some lucky students got to take home the Galaxy S10 as part of Samsung's #GalaxyOfSurprises campaign Image Credit: Supplied

If you’ve heard any buzz recently around the number 10, you aren’t alone. In celebration of the new Galaxy S10, the Samsung crew popped up in the most unpredictable places around the UAE from cinemas to grocery shops, and the public just loved the show! They were surprised by a series of appearances with awesome gifts, and even more is yet to come in Dubai Mall.

Without a doubt, the Galaxy crew made sure to leave everyone with smiles on their faces as part of their #GalaxyOfSurprises campaign. One of the most interesting events happened at the cinema. A glitch interrupted a movie trailer and hooded figures walked slowly into the theatres at Mall of the Emirates and Yas Mall; people were utterly overwhelmed.

Mysterious hooded figures entered the theatre...

That night, two lucky winners won the Galaxy S10, and it was probably the last thing they’ve expected to happen on a chilled out movie night. However, Samsung did not forget about others; everyone in the audience found envelopes under their seats with exclusive vouchers.

Samsung cinema fans
Cinema-goers got exclusive vouchers Image Credit: Supplied

Not to mention, while people were casually doing their weekly grocery shopping, the Galaxy Crew has put on a wonderful show while celebrating winners on cashier number 10, who had their groceries covered by Samsung.

Shoppers at aisle number 10 were in for a very pleasant surprise!

It didn’t just end there – universities and gyms were also on the Galaxy crew’s list, and once again, winners have exclusively won the best phone in the market.

Not only that, but also the Galaxy crew entered the pitch and stunned everyone with their performance. Drums and pompons took over the vibe of the stadium.

Football fans were treated to a skills parade

Last but not least, these were not the only lucky people Samsung has offered opportunities to win the Galaxy S10. If you live in the UAE, you could be next.

Lucky football fan
This lucky fan won a Samsung Galaxy S10 Image Credit: Supplied