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Huawei’s latest mid-range device comes with enough selfie features to blow its competition out of the water. They put it to the test against the iPhone X and Samsung A8+.

A recent survey by YouGov found that 56 per cent of the UAE residents take selfies daily and on an average, people in the UAE take more than three selfies before they're happy with the result, creating a gaping demand for a more intelligent technology.

Huawei has launched the new nova3 series to fill this gap. The phone’s camera comes powered with a dual front camera setup (24MP+2MP) that works with AI beautification solutions to recognise age, gender, skin tone, and optimise a picture to its ultimate perfection. The phone also has AI scene recognition feature, which instantly identifies the over 200 different surroundings across eight unique categories that include blue skies, beaches, plants, night, stage performances etc. to sharply capture all elements in that moment and create the most stunning AI selfie.

To prove its selfie credentials Huawei pitted the nova3 against the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy A8+ under all sorts of conditions. Here is how it went:

A simple outdoor daylight selfie

For most people shooting selfies, the idea of a perfect blue sky and a striking golden beach in the background is a very tempting proposition. However, the end result is an image that neither does justice to the subject of the striking outdoors.

Huawei nova 3 vs iPhone X & Samsung A8+ Image Credit: Supplied

The Huawei nova 3, as the results prove, captures images perfectly and clearly, without any loss of detail, color or contrast, offering an outstanding AI selfie.

Compared to its rivals, the Huawei test revealed that its images were sharper, the yellow tinge usually associated with selfies was absent and the blacks were deeper and richer.

An outdoor selfie with busy background

Even for selfie addicts looking to capture their personas in an urban setting – a busy background the Huawei nova3 emerges as an undisputed leader in its class. Shot against a leafy background the Huawei nova3 captures the greens much better than its rivals do.

Huawei nova 3 vs iPhone X & Samsung A8+ Image Credit: Supplied

The Huawei nova 3, as is evident in the test pictures, has more vibrancy, the blacks are comparatively richer, deeper. The Huawei nova 3 captures the right skin tones without the multiple shadows and oversaturation. The right focal length and aperture of the Huawei nova 3 also means that there is no distortion of facial features.

An outdoor nighttime low-light selfie

Even the selfies taken in low light put the Huawei nova 3 clearly in the driver’s seat. Compared to the blurry images, a clear lack of details, which blow the whites out more than they should, the Huawei nova 3 offers more detail, clarity and better contrast when it comes to colors.

Huawei nova 3 vs iPhone X & Samsung A8+ Image Credit: Supplied

Again as, it is evident from the test results, the yellow tinge is significantly missing and so is the oversaturation in the face. The Huawei nova 3 offers a cutting-edge low-light photography experience.

An outdoor backlight selfie

In the last leg of the selfie test – the Huawei nova 3 went toe-to-toe with the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy A8+ in one of our favorite conditions – sunset. We all want to catch those priceless golden moments, the ochre hues that imbibe our images with a glow so magical, that it has the capacity to take our breath away.

Huawei nova 3 vs iPhone X & Samsung A8+ Image Credit: Supplied

Even here, the Huawei nova 3 proves to be a clear winner – the images captured offers sharper details, richer hues, an agelessness of appearance, that completely puts the other smartphones in the shade. The subjects face wears a brighter more presentable appearance. The background as expected with the Huawei nova 3, offers better details. It is a sheer masterclass in terms of performance.


The differentiation sets Huawei nova 3 apart from all its competitors. The smartphone offers the most precise AI selfie that retains clarity, colour, contrast, better gradient, detail and sharpness while offering beautification solutions and scene recognition that offers natural sky gradients as well as colour reproduction to create a perfect AI selfie. Cutting across the clutter and the competition in the smartphone market, Huawei nova 3 is set to change the game of the selfie industry offering unparalleled AI capabilities.