A colourful campaign dramatises people’s changing expectations for work and life – and how technology is changing it Video Credit: Supplied

Imagine the morning rush hour on Dubai Metro. You are headed to work, and have an important presentation to deliver to senior management. You pull out the laptop and some of the slides display sensitive company information. You soon get the uneasy feeling that you are being watched: people around are harmlessly glancing at your screen.

You have two options — terminate the activity or go find someplace more private. Now, here's something you don't see every day. Leading technology company HP has included something nifty in its latest range of premium consumer PCs - an integrated privacy screen to protect your confidential data from prying eyes.

Simply press F1 and you can mask out the display to anyone sitting next beside you, be it nosy metro passengers or over-the-shoulder eavesdroppers.

HP has integrated the Privacy Screen into the screens of some of its premium offerings, including the Spectre and EliteBook 800 series Image Credit: Supplied

Reinvent expectations

Chances are that you have lived a similar scenario, be it on the train or a long-haul flight. You are not alone. Today more and more of us are working on the go blending our work time with our personal time (and vice versa).

That’s the spirit of HP’s new campaign “Reinvent Expectations” that highlights all the ways HP premium consumer PCs make things seamless as we shift between work and personal pursuits.

"We're reinventing expectations of what a PC can be. People want to make a life and a living on their own terms and they are changing where and how they work to do so," says Matt Cowling, Head of HP's Global Marketing for consumer PCs. “Our technology is in tune with this need and gives consumers the freedom to do what they need to do, whenever and wherever the need to do it.”

Celebrating small wins

The campaign, that includes a series of quirky and colourful short films, has been a hit on social media. It celebrates the small wins that HP’s consumer PCs deliver. They deal with "relatable problems" and portray all-too-familiar situations you invariably find yourself in.

For example, the desire to keep your work private whether at the airport or in the office conference room, being able to see your PC display in bright outdoor settings, not having to go to a coffee shop just to use the Wi-Fi network.

Disappearing act

Called the HP Sure View Integrated Privacy Screen, HP has integrated this 'disappearing act' into the screens of some of its premium offerings, including the Spectre and EliteBook 800 series. The tech involves using proprietary backlight and a special light control film to project the screen content towards the person directly in front, while filtering it out for anyone watching from an angle greater that 35 degree on either side. That is, anyone sitting next to you.

HP Fingerprint Reader you to seamlessly log into your device Image Credit: Supplied

Passwords are history

The big one is not having to remember passwords. Who hasn't stared blankly at the login screen, desperately trying to remember the password while the frustration mounted?

"In each one [of the videos], the protagonist faces a relatable problem such as trying to remember her latest password,” says Matt. “We then show how easily these problems are overcome with innovative features on HP PCs.”

In one video, a woman fends off an avalanche of pesky password characters with a simple touch using the HP Fingerprint Reader, which allows you to seamlessly log into your device in any mode with the touch of your finger.

Emotional connect

The social mini-films are also a follow-up to a duo of longer, story driven videos that found an emotion connection with consumers. In one, called Bedtime Story, a mother is held back in office for a late-night meeting. She is in the conference room, video-chatting with her son who is reading a bedtime story. Soon, they are interrupted by her colleagues filing into the room. Which brings her to an emotional crossroad — should she hang up the call, or hang on till her son's story is over?

Fortunately, she is in a position to address this dilemma by hitting the privacy screen button on her laptop and letting her son finish the story, while at the same time not disturbing her office colleagues. Cowling recalls, "We spent a lot of time to get that moment right. The film dramatises that crucial pivot between the business and the personal, and how HP is there to support our customers."

Expect more

Cowling assures us this is just the start of the Reinvent Expectations campaign, and in the days ahead, we will see it extend across all HP premium PCs. Moreover, HP will add to the story with one of the most exciting products in recent history. So stay tuned!

To learn more, visit HP Middle East at: https://www8.hp.com/emea_middle_east/en/campaigns/premium/ReinventExpectations.html

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