Samsung brings their latest washing machines with their QuickDrive Technology to the UAE. Now it takes much lesser time to get a much better and a more hygienic wash. Image Credit: Supplied

Samsung’s latest washing machines equipped with their ground-breaking QuickDrive technology bring a whole revolution to the laundry industry. QuickDrive technology uses its ‘main drum’ and a ‘back plate’ that rotate independently to enable your clothes to move in a dynamic action. The washing machine can now also plan your laundry for you, tell you what to wash and when and even take care of itself, but how does it change the way we do our laundry today?

The new Eco Bubble Technology Image Credit: Supplied

The wash itself

First things first, Samsung’s new washing machines come with the company’s new Eco Bubble Technology, which turns detergent is into bubbles. This is done to quickly penetrate fabric and remove dirt easily, while protecting color and texture and all this while saving energy too. Another great thing about Eco Bubble technology? It even works at lower temperatures.

Stain removal with Bubble Soak function Image Credit: Supplied

Next up is stain removal with Bubble Soak function. Clothes are thoroughly soaked in active bubbles, so any dirt and stains are loosened and can be removed much more effectively. This helps you tackle even the most stubborn stains at the touch of a button.

If you feel the wash cycle itself isn’t enough, don’t worry you also have the Hygiene Steam cycle which releases steam from the bottom of the drum to give your clothes a really deep and hygienic clean with steam. Every item in the load is thoroughly saturated thus removing engrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and inactivate allergens.

From stinky and filthy clothes to bright and shiny Image Credit: Supplied

The great thing about Samsung’s Quick Drive technology is that it also enables you to go from stinky and filthy clothes to bright and shiny in just 3 hours. In a Speed Wash + Dry cycle, the washing machine can wash, rinse and spin a load in 54 minutes and it can get everything thoroughly dry in another 126 minutes.

Samsung’s Quick Drive technology ensures upto 50% reduction in time needed for laundry and upto 20% reduction in use of energy. All this and no effect on the cleaning performance whatsoever. Your clothes are still washed quickly, powerfully as well as gently.

What’s left to clean?

Well now your machine has cleaned all your clothes or linen and it’s all spick and span. The washing machine can also detect when it needs to clean itself and will let you know too.

The Eco Drum Clean+ Image Credit: Supplied

The Eco Drum Clean+ removes dirt and 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria from the drum. It uses soaking, pulsating and high-speed spinning, without harsh or costly detergent, to keep your machine hygienically clean.

Is there more?

Forgotten to add something? You have a little Add Wash door where you can easily drop any clothes you’ve forgotten. Got hand washed clothes? You can even add those for a rinse or a spin dry cycle.

The Add Wash door Image Credit: Supplied

Samsung’s latest QuickDrive washing machines is IoT-ready and boasts an intelligent AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator, which provides three key smart features that help users manage laundry more conveniently.

Q-rator, the intelligent AI-powered laundry assistant Image Credit: Supplied

Where can you get one?

You’d think this would burn a hole in your pocket wouldn’t it? Well you’d be surprised.

The Samsung QuickDrive 9KG Washing Machine is available for Dh3989 and the combo version is available for Dh4934 (excluding 5% VAT).

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