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Dubai: Love art but don’t have time to visit art galleries? If you are a Huawei GT3 watch user or planning to purchase a Huawei GT3 watch, we have some good news for you! You can now, literally, wear art on your wrists. How? Huawei has partnered with popular Emirati Artist, Mahmood Al Abadi to develop a unique collection of Arabic calligraphy designs for Huawei GT3 watch faces.

Emirati artist Mahmood Al Abadi
Emirati artist Mahmood Al Abadi Image Credit: Supplied

This gives Huawei GT3 watch users the option to choose between six artworks, created exclusively by Abadi, to set as a background on their watch.

Abadi, who is well known for his calligraphy art, many of which are owned by prominent UAE business people, and displayed in offices of government officials, spoke to Gulf News about the collaboration.

The 35-year-old artist said: “Huwaei is bringing art to digital devices. What I like the most about this project is the idea of using technology and digital art to promote Arabian culture to more people.

“Usually art lovers have to visit exhibitions or galleries to appreciate works of artists. More recently, social media has allowed artists to make digital art forms. Huawei took it a step further. Everyone has a device these days – a laptop, mobile, tablet, or smartwatches. Showing artworks on that level has made them accessible to a wider audience.”

Where can I find the artwork for my watch face?

To change your watch face display to Abadi’s artwork, first, pair your Huawei watch to your Huawei Phone. Now, on the pre-installed Health app, open the Devices option. Now click on Watch Faces. By default, this will open to a page where you will see the collection by the Emirati artist.

For a step-by-step guide, watch the video.

Huawei Themes for smartphones

This is not the first time Abadi’s work is being displayed on Huawei devices. In 2021, Huawei made his artworks available in Huawei themes, the pre-installed software for Huawei smartphones that enables users to customise wallpapers, display, and text styles.

Using patterns of Arabic calligraphy in bright hues, the artist had created a series of 10 artworks that captured the beauty of local architecture and historical moments that made Arab nations proud. “For an artist, everything around him is an inspiration. I took inspiration from some milestones that the UAE had reached. Other than calligraphy, we created two artworks honouring the UAE’s achievements such as The Hope Mars Mission.”

Mahmoud is popular for Arabic calligraphy art
Mahmoud is well known for his Arabic calligraphy art. Image Credit: Supplied

Connecting the youth with Arabian culture

“This is not just artwork, it’s a reflection of UAE culture and heritage and Arab and Middle Eastern culture. But, I don’t just focus on traditional art.

My artworks take the traditional message and depict them in a modern way, it’s a mix of the two,” he added.

Abadi is on a quest to bring youngsters closer to Arabic culture. He said: “Today, art needs to be shared and promoted via modern ways and channels that speak to the youngest generation. With Huawei’s art initiatives, Arabian art is going to be everywhere. They are making art more interesting for the new generation.”

Mahmoud Al Abadi’s art journey

Speaking about his broad background in art, graphic design, fine art, and sculpture, he said: “My art journey started when I was 17 years. Initially, I learnt Arabic calligraphy from my uncle, who is an artist. Later, I attended the Sharjah Arabic Calligraphy center. Apart from what I learnt from my teachers, I also bought numerous self-help books to practice. Interacting with other local and international artists also helped me understand different art styles.

“I am happy and proud in joining Huawei in this project to share Arabian-inspired themes to all Huawei users across the Middle East and North Africa.”