The Video Doorbell from Eufy Image Credit: Supplied

We are proud to live in a city that is safe and secure but no matter what, in today’s time, you have to take proactive steps to make sure you, your family and your home is safe from intruders, theft and other unforeseen incidents. The award-winning eufy Security by Anker Innovations has always strived to provide the best, easy-to-use and advanced security solutions for everyone.

Now eufy Security has launched the Pro version of the popular eufyCam 2 wireless security camera called eufyCam 2 Pro. It provides 2K resolution so you can get the best clarity of your surveillance video, to keep a clear eye on your home from inside or outside when you are on-the-go. It also comes with AES 256 military-grade encryption that can store your data locally, making sure you and only you have the access to the data. The inbuilt advanced AI helps to detect and identify humans, animals and cars and gives you an alert only when someone unknown to you approaches your home. The camera is also equipped with night vision, IP67-rated weatherproofing, two-way audio, 100dB siren, which you can trigger after seeing an intruder and much more. The eufyCam 2 Pro is the best security solution for your home. It’s also compatible with Apple Home-kit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Another must-have product to secure your home is eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell. With a growing demand for contactless deliveries, be it food, groceries or your online shopping, the 2K Video Doorbell is the perfect gadget to see who is at your doorstep. You can even speak to them via the two-way audio feature, even if you are not at home. It’s wide dynamic range and 2K resolution gives you a clear and detailed view of the person at your door. It also comes with advanced human detection and multi-user access so everyone at home can get alert when someone is at door.

The eufySecurity products including the eufyCam 2 Pro and Video Doorbell are available at all leading electronic retailers and online at and