5G Image Credit: File photo

Dubai: Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), du’s parent company, announced on Sunday that it is undertaking advanced level of preparations to deploy 5G services across the UAE this year.

In a statement released on Sunday, the telecom firm said that some crew members have already been commissioned to install high-technology 5G equipment in a number of popular landmarks spread across the country.

The aim is to set up more than 700 5G-enabled base stations by the end of the year, thereby ensuring that EITC will be among the first providers in the world to deploy 5G in 2019 and offer faster internet speeds. The infrastructure will benefit both du and Virgin Mobile customers.

The announcement came just over a week after Etisalat made a promise to roll out the next-generation wireless technology in 2019.

“We are excited to update our customers that … we are fully on schedule to make 5G commercially available this year,” said Saleem AlBlooshi, chief infrastructure officer, EITC.

Telecom customers are assured that they will be getting most of their internet experience through smartphone or other smart devices once the 5G service goes live. Browsing the web, downloading files or viewing and streaming of videos will be faster.

“Our customers will feel a real difference with 5G network in terms of higher speeds and lower latency – commonly known as buffering,” AlBlooshi said.

“Consumption of video and digital content is growing by leaps and bounds and 5G’s ultra-high speed will enable smoother streaming of [high-definition] videos, 4K videos, and VR/AR experience which have multiple potential applications for individuals and businesses.”