Delivery robots have successfully operated in DSO (Dubai Silicon Oasis) for over a year Video Credit: Gulf News

“The food is here!” my friend exclaimed, as the notification chimed on his delivery app. We had been awaiting our dinner, and the arrival of the meal marked the culmination of our anticipation.

But a surprise awaited us at the door. It wasn’t a human delivery person. Our jaws dropped as a sleek, futuristic figure emerged — a robot named Talabot, delivered our food.

Dubai’s unwavering commitment to technological advancements had struck again, leaving us mesmerised by the remarkable intersection of innovation and convenience.

Through the power of AI technology, robotic food delivery is revolutionising the way meals are delivered in some zones of Dubai Silicon Oasis. With seamless precision, these automated marvels transport orders from the nearest restaurant partners to your doorsteps.

A special experience

With its sleek design and efficient movements, the little robot is a sight to behold — a perfect blend of food, convenience, and technology converging in a single moment.

A secure compartment held our meal of steaks, grilled asparagus, bell peppers and garlic bread.

Following the steps provided within in the delivery app, we unlocked the compartment with ease. A tantalising aroma of the meal filled the air, igniting our senses — promising an unforgettable dining experience.

These robots are designed to operate on designated routes and at designated times to avoid disrupting traffic or pedestrian flow


As we savoured our meal, we couldn’t help marvel at the remarkable advancements that had brought us this moment. The delivery robots perhaps symbolises the future of profitable food delivery, where automation seamlessly intertwines with human needs.

In that instant, surrounded by the flavours of our meal, the convenience of modern technology, and the marvels of Dubai’s innovation, I realised that this experience was special.

The robot had not just delivered our dinner; it had brought us a taste of Dubai’s commitment to blending food, convenience, and technology.

Future of robot delivery
Future of robot delivery Image Credit: Gulf News

Sign of the times

Next day, I spoke to some residents about the fleet of food delivery robots in our hood. These are the first of their kinds in the region, and have been successfully delivering meals to residents in Cedre Villas, Silicon Oasis since the project’s launch earlier this year.

“I think it’s amazing to see robots delivering food right to my doorstep,” said DSO resident, Aisha Ahmed. “It’s a sign of the times, and I’m happy to see that technology is being used to make our lives easier.”

The delivery robots are equipped with cameras and sensors that allow them to navigate the streets and avoid obstacles.

Customers can place their orders through the app and track the progress of their delivery in real-time. Talabots can travel up to 4-5 kilometres on a single charge.

In collaboration with Dubai’s Roads Transport Authority (RTA), the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ), and Talabat UAE, the initiative aims to introduce an innovative and sustainable last-mile delivery solution in the UAE.

OPN Talabot
Silicon Oasis residents are looking forward to seeing more such robots in the neighbourhood, delivery food and other essentials

Dubai's technological finesse

Plans are afoot to add more vendors and the Dubai Silicon Oasis residents can expect to experience the service in other communities like Semmer Villas soon. 

One delivery driver, Mohammed Ali, who has been working in the food delivery industry for over three years, welcomed the introduction of the robots and said that overtime they could help to reduce the workload of delivery persons.

“I think the robots are a great addition to the delivery industry,” Ali said. “They can help to reduce the workload for human drivers and allow us to focus on more complex deliveries that require a personal touch.”

Given its flawless delivery, it is clear that those behind this unique initiative are working closely with local authorities to ensure that the robots comply with regulations and safety standards. The food delivery robots are designed to operate on designated routes and at designated times to avoid disrupting traffic or pedestrian flow.

As the project continues its successful run, Silicon Oasis residents are looking forward to seeing more such robots in their neighbourhood, delivery food and other essentials.

“I’m excited to see what the future holds for the use of robots in food delivery,” said resident, Amna Al Mansoori. “It’s impressive to see how technology is changing our world, and I’m happy that we have the opportunity to witness it first-hand.”

The night before, as my friend and I relished our meal of medium steaks and garlic bread, I recalled the maxim that captured the essence of this extraordinary moment: “Dubai’s culinary delight, delivered with technological finesse and unrivalled convenience.”