Oli Oli
There are a number of immersive activities in the new exhibit in OliOli thanks to a collaboration with Brand Dubai. The event runs until December 4. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

OliOli, the Dubai-based children’s museum, has a new immersive exhibit on. Called, ‘My Little World’, this playful learning experience is based on a storybook by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

These stories offer a glimpse into the childhood of Sheikh Mohammed and the instances that forged the leader.

During this session, held in a dessert-themed room, kids are introduced to five inspiring tales and then partake in activities that reinforce the lessons in an exciting and engaging manner.

What is OliOli?
OliOli is an indoor play place where children learn through experimentation. The learning centre is divided into eight galleries, each with its own lesson. There is the 800kg Toshi Nets section, which is part trampoline, part playground, and can hold the weight of up to 29 baby elephants. Here, kids can climb and explore all the while developing their gross and fine motor skills. There’s a section called the Cars and Ramps Gallery, where kids learn how to design and engineer their own cars, which they can then race down ramps. The water gallery has 10 interactive hands-on activities that teach kids about water while they play. Other sections include the Air Gallery, where kids learn about flight, wind, gravity, aerodynamics, friction and resistance; Incredi-Ball gallery, which imparts knowledge on gravity; and Future Park, where they learn to collaborate to find solutions.

The stories that are told at this exhibit and the activities held alongside are:

Camping with scorpions: This is the story of Sheikh Mohammed’s interactions with his teacher Humaid, who taught him how to hunt, train and treat injured animals.

The activity: Make your own tiwah, a falcon-training tool.

My cave of treasures: In this story, Sheikh Mohammed recalls the moment his father gave him his old hunting spear and access to the room where it was stored. This story talks about His Highness’s determination to transform the room into his personal space for contemplation, brainstorming and experimentation.

The activity: Children trace and colour a desert denizen, a scorpion – it’s a memento that inspires creativity.

My friend the lion: In this story, Sheikh Mohammed talks of the time he woke up late at night only to find he had a roommate – a lion! Fortunately, the wild cat was someone he’d met earlier.

The activity: In this exciting play, children follow paw prints around the room; each print has an action they must comply with as they go.

My first horse: Here, Sheikh Mohammed talks about his first horse ‘Sauda Umm Halag’ and looking after her as she recovered from an injury.

The activity: Kids take the controls – using an app on a tablet, each claims a robot horse and races them on a specially created track.

My Mother Like No Other: In this childhood story, Sheikh Mohammed recalls the time he found a lone baby gazelle in the desert and returned it to safety. In it, he contemplates the role of mums and their importance in our lives.

The activity: In this matching game, children link cardboard cut-outs of various animals, pairing mums and babies and learning what different animals and their young are called.

In ‘My Little World’, storytelling and activities come together to create an immersive edutaining experience.

The exhibition ‘My Little World’ runs until December 4.

Getting there
OliOli is located at 62 4 A St, Al Quoz 1,Dubai. It’s next to Oasis Centre.
Timings: Sunday to Wednesday: 9am – 6pm; Thursday: 9am – 7pm; Friday: 9am – 8pm; Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Tickets: Dh126 (for kids aged 2-16 years); Dh63 (for those aged 12-23 months) for two hours. One parent gets in free with a child. Additional adult: Dh42. Booking a spot online is mandatory; you can reserve yours at https://olioli.ae/book-tickets