Spirit of the UAE: Youth take to the roads to celebrate UAE National Day Image Credit: Gulf News

On the UAE’s 50th National Day, a budding community of motorheads got together in Ajman to mark the occassion and distribute dozens of ration boxes to various labour camps. 

The UAE National Day has historically been a riot of colours. Throughout the day, enthusiastic cultural events take place around all emirates, showcasing the rich history of the country. A dazzling display of fireworks takes place at night marking the end of the day.

While everyone comes out to celebrate the occassion, what stood out for members of Maxima Motor Heads AE was the diligence and commitment of workers during this holiday.

As members gathered to have their cars decked up with National Day buntings, Uzair Akram, the founder member, noticed how the workers persistently accomplished their task with smiles on their face, excitedly helping every car enthusiast achieve their means of celebration.

Upon being questioned about what the National Day holiday meant to him, a worker, with an eager smile replied, “We spend time talking to our family back in our country and get back to our shops the next day. Your smile is our celebration”.

Members decided to brighten their day

As a result, food packs were prepared and distributed in workers' accomodation in several emirates across the UAE. Dubbed '50 packs on 50th year', the motoring club's idea to spread joy and cheer to those on the margins of the society was a success.

Spreading the cheer in the UAE
Spreading the cheer in the UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Asked about the idea behind this community, Uzair stated that his main goal was to get people from various cultures and nationalities to come under one banner and help them attain the satisfaction of giving back to the society while being driven by a mutual interest or passion.

“Having lived in the UAE for more than a decade, we are proud to call it home, and we want to repay the love we receive by contributing to UAE’s objective of being a philanthropic nation. There are multiple initiatives that exist in our country, some of which are focused on humanitarian responsibilities. Similarly, this motoring community serves a purpose in addition to sharing a passion for Nissan Maximas, and this is what sets us apart from any other gearhead communities in the UAE," Uzair concluded.

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