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A medical staffer obtains a swab sample from a man inside a vehicle at a drive-through COVID-19 testing centre in Al Khawaneej, Dubai. Image Credit: AFP

Away from the flurry of news reports about the spread of the novel coronavirus around the world, the world of social media contains a small but increasingly growing opinion: this wave of natural disasters and diseases we’re experiencing is a sign of God’s anger. Of course, everyone is likely to be tested by events around them, even prophesies, so it is only logical to see them as trials rather than a sign of the Almighty’s wrath. In fact, research in the fields of psychology and bioenergy have proven that it is actually we who draw misfortune to ourselves. For as the Quran says in An-Nisa (79): What comes to you of good is from Allah, but what comes to you of evil, [O man], is from yourself.

Indeed, the medical opinion says that the main cause of an organic illness is negative energy, and this phenomenon is the accumulation of mental and psychological attitudes in everyday life. These attitudes or persistent thoughts contribute to negative feelings that are directed inwards at the holder of these subconscious beliefs, and this will undoubtedly have an impact on their health and their relations with others. Some medical professionals are of the opinion that heart disease and cancers are caused by the negative energy manifested as stress, anxiety, and chronic exhaustion and that diabetes is caused by a type of mental shock.

If you are talking all the time and terrified of the coronavirus, your mind and body will be charged with fear.

- Dr Noura S. Al Mazrouei, UAE writer

And today we see clear indications of a “pathological phobia” taking hold across the world. In this case, the phobia is an extreme reaction to an existing disease, namely COVID-19, which is perceived as a looming and existential threat and prevents people from going about their usual business. This type of fear may even generate physiological changes, a general malaise in specific organs, a deficient immunity, and disruptions in energy pathways. Pathological phobia can certainly be classified as one form of negative energy that can have a drastic impact on well-being. As Dr Ahmad Amarah, consultant psychiatrist in bioenergy, puts it, “You don’t attract what you want, what you attract is merely a reflection of your own inner state”.

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We attract the events around us by focusing our thoughts and feelings towards them. If you are talking all the time and terrified of the coronavirus, your mind and body will be charged with fear. If you focus on it most of your time, it will attract the disease to you. Therefore, we must control our feelings towards “pathological phobia”, and remain within the so-called “natural fear” that is part of human nature, which raises the human alertness and improves their performance.

The global pandemic is represented in the beliefs and feelings that dominate the individual’s way of thinking. One of the recommended things in bioenergy to curb negative energies is not to mention the name of the coronavirus so that your body does not charge with negative energy. Looking at the bright side of it by focusing on the recovered numbers all across the world will help charge your body with positive energy. Also consider a decision to quarantine as an opportunity to discover oneself in which we have been preoccupied with the bustling material life, and an opportunity to restore internal and external balance. The coronavirus has united the feelings of people all over the world, and it will help protect each other.

— Dr Noura S. Al Mazrouei is a writer, academic and artist.