UAE flags been displayed at Jumeirah bbeach on the occasion of the 47th National Day of United Arab Emirates. 2nd December 2018. Photo: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News Image Credit:

To all the people of the UAE, congratulations on the country’s 47th National Day. On The morning of December 2, 1971, the seed of love and humanity was sown by the Father of the Nation, Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, popularly known as ‘Baba Zayed’. The UAE did not let the plant dry up, instead they turned that form of humanity into in a beautiful garden made of flowers and fruits. Today people from all around the world are benefiting from this garden.

UAE has taught us that we are one in the eyes of the universe. The country has given its residents safety, security, happiness and a lovely life. More than this, I was able to give my family the food of respect and care for their needs. How can I thank God and this land? I have no words to express my gratitude. In this country of justice, there is no difference in who is rich, or who is poor. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.

Because of equal justice, I learned here that God has not created us to be selfish, but to be kind to each other. The development and success this country has achieved in 47 years, should have taken hundreds of years to finish. This is a miracle. My family and I would like to wish the whole UAE well. I extend another thank you to the country for their amnesty period. Thanks to them, millions of people managed to change their lives. Many people who applied for amnesty have gotten relief. I pray for these people and hope they give their blessings to this nation. I am proud to serve the UAE.

- The reader is a resident of the UAE.