Rahul Gandhi in dubai
Illustrative purposes Image Credit: Gulf News archives

As the general elections are nearing, Indian politics is getting murkier by the day. The political scenario has become worse in recent times as parties are indulging in mutual mudslinging. They seem to have thrown ordinary decency to the winds. The ruling party leaders seem to be competing together. The Congress has started finding fault with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for anything and everything. The end result is that intolerance is back in India, with all its side effects.

These leaders are trying their best to confuse the thought process of the masses with their dirty tricks and pseudo-secularism. As the saying goes, in India, one does not cast their votes, they vote their caste. The behaviour we are seeing is just shameful for a country known for its democracy. Gone are the days where the country had great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The current political activity is making the masses lose faith in the Indian democracy.

The lack of efficient and sincere leadership is the bane of the country. Insincere leaders have come and are trying to mislead the masses according to their narrow-minded political agenda. These kinds of things adversely affect the country’s progress. It misleads the public and the decisions are heavily influenced by religious bigotry and other undesirable principles which adversely affect the political and social growth of the country. It is high time our so called leaders took their role seriously and think about the future of the country.

- The reader is based in Kochi, India.