President-elect Donald Trump Image Credit: AP

In the wake of the US elections, reports of aggression by American citizens towards foreigners have been on the rise. The UAE Consul General in Los Angeles has issued a series of cautionary tweets on Sunday, warning Emiratis against any verbal and physical harassment they may encounter.


Donald Trump victory seems to have encouraged supporters of Trump who supported him because they believe in his rhetoric of division and hatred. In Los Angeles’ Bret Harte Middle School a teacher mocked students that their parents would be deported when Trump takes the oath of office. A student used a cell phone to capture a substitute teacher berating an 11-year-old student and saying: “If you were born here, then your parents got to go. Then they will leave you behind, and you will be in foster care.”


Meredith Purintun: “Wow, making children cry and afraid their parents will be ripped away from them. Wow, what kind of person are you?”

Rekik Netsanet: “America is the only place where immigrants degrade other immigrants.”

David Jaimes: “I’m from Mexico. We, here live in great sadness and fear. The US, until now was one of Mexico’s best friend and ally. The only thing that I’m asking for you; people who live there is to if not help my fellow countrymen, respect them. If you see a Trump suporter in the street laughing at an immigrant, stop him; not only mexicans, but latinos in general, african americans, women, muslims or any other minority. You have to remember that they are there just to earn money needed for their families and children. They aren’t rapist. They don’t are murderers. They don’t hate you or want you to quit your job. This is and will be a difficult time for both countries, but you can make the difference personally, have hope.

Valerie Ann Candelaria: “A sub in my daughter’s third grade class in Texas did the same thing. My daughter is a legal citizen. We can trace our family all the way back to the 1700. My child did not understand that. All she knew was that she is tanned skinned and her last name is Garza. She spent months worried about Trump getting elected. Then when he did asked me where we were getting sent.”

Freda Greenfield: “The big orange blowhard has given morons permission to bully any and everyone, including the children they’re paid to teach. Disgusting. Sad to say, this is just the beginning.”

Diane Schubert-Rice: “I’m watching all this happening from the other side of the world and I cry. I cry for the fear people are feeling- and that’s the adults! Imagine how a child feels! This is deplorable... America, wake-up to yourselves. Don’t put fear of deportation or foster homes in the hearts of your little ones... kids aren’t born racist/sexist bigots... they are taught to be so, by mindless adults! Keep them safe. Please.”

Cecilia Eubanks: “This why this man should have never been allowed to run for the most important job... all he wanted was to say he WON... but by doing so he has ripped this Nation apart.”


Sabrina Dee Pace Boley: “This is why people are protesting all over the country! Don`t tell us we are sore losers, this is what we are fighting for! America is a melting pot, we should celebrate our differences not deport folks because they are not white.”

#Michelle2020 - This hashtad trended on social media channels as people voiced their hopes that Michelle Obama, the First Lady to Barack Obama would save the US from President Trump. Many think she stands a chance of winning the election for the Democrats in 2020.

Reginald Gaines: “I will miss both of them. I knew when Barack was elected, that he would leave wearing the blame for all that is wrong with the country. No surprise there. Say what you want...but to me, they were greatness. Here’s to hoping Michelle is next... #MichelleObama2020”


Kenyon Ellis: “Now... this is the lady we are really going to miss... i was talking about the antics with Joe Biden... Michelle Obama... we will miss what you offer to the nation... no other First Lady will be able to beat you... especially not the next one. #Salute #MichelleObama2020”


Yahaira Cardona: “Never ever doubt yourself, we are warriors and we will continue fighting for Women Rights and Equality. Hopefully we get #MichelleObama2020. #strongwomenempowereachother”

Farisha Hosein-Ramay: “I love and adore this woman so much. If I can have one wish, it would be to meet her before she becomes the first woman president of the US. #michelleobama2020”