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Pray for Jakarta... Following the news of the attack on Jakarta on Thursday, a hashtag to pray for the people immediately started trending. Twitter users from all around the world united and demanded an end to terrorism.


#PrayForJakarta / #JakartaAttack / #KamiTidakTakut (We are not afraid) — These were the hashtags used on Twitter to discuss the attack on Jakarta. While some posted pictures and prayers, others used Twitter as a medium to connect with their loved ones to see if they were okay.


@Iceman_cometh1: “World’s largest Muslim nation is under attack by suicide bombers. Will world leaders march over to save lives? #Jakarta”


@kizmeimirish: “Bomb blasts in Jakarta. Can’t we just stop this violence and senseless killings worldwide? #Jakarta #news #sad”


@mysuccessmind: “Thoughts are with the people of Jakarta. Love and peace will never divide us, even if terrorism tries. #Jakarta #JakartaBlast #ThoughtOfTheDay”


@concomms: “Thinking of friends in #Jakarta. Beautiful country with beautiful people. I stand with you. #kamitidaktakut”


@itzKrishanu: “How many more such attacks before world leaders stop sugarcoating things like saying “terror has no religion”? #Jakarta”


@AdilNajam: “#Istanbul #Quetta #Jalalabad #Jakarta. We cannot draw the line until we join the dots.

This is the #WarAgainstIslam.”


@Kudsia_Kahar: “Today Jakarta, tomorrow it could be anywhere. Stop the madness!”


@davincka: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. #kamitidaktakut”


@hangdimas: “Terrorists — their job is to spread terror and create fear. If you are afraid, they win.

So stay courageous guys. #KamiTidakTakut”


@SophiaSaifi: “Bob Behr #CNN security analyst, said that the #JakartaAttack sounds like the Paris attack. Sowing chaos is a hallmark of #Daesh”


@iamjameelahmed: “Will there be an Indonesian flag filter for profile pictures on Facebook?”


@tabiyong: “Spreading graphic images of the #JakartaAttack can be used by these cowards to gloat about how “successful” they are. Please stop spreading them!”


@rganeshkumar83: “Extremely shocked to see what is happening in #Jakarta. Thoughts and prayers are with the people of #Indonesia during this difficult time.”


@gladysserranoMM: “When will the terrorism will stop ? Can we just have world peace? #PrayForJakarta”


@ziexstyles: “Terrorism has no religion. Pray for my country. Be safe everyone #PrayForJakarta”


— Compiled by Donia Yassinson, Community Web Editor