Emails are being used extensively in day-to-day communication today, however, many are unaware of the very basics of respect and regards to be followed when communicating with a third party. On most occasions, the etiquette is going unnoticed due to ignorance.

In today’s work environment, where electronic communication is widely acceptable to business as well as personal communication, everyone is committed to following the norms of basic interactions in order to effectively communicate with each other. The reality is that the electronic revolution has made business communication so flexible and convenient in every aspect.

Many a times I have seen emails in my inbox without even a suitable subject line, introduction and conclusion in a well-mannered structure. To me, personal and professional communication should carry the very basics of etiquette. Whether it is formal or informal, good manners reward equally and always make a difference. It clears any misunderstandings and it shows that you have a certain amount of respect for the people you are dealing with.

I remember reading five words the great Abraham Lincoln lived by in his relations with political constituents and acquaintances. They were ‘courtesy’, ‘give to others the respect that you crave for yourself’, ‘communication’ and ‘learn to communicate clearly, effectively and wisely’.

To me, while communicating with colleagues in a close vicinity, we must also set examples of respect and the very basics of communications, it ensures the true intentions of interactions.

- The reader is a manager based in Muscat, Oman.