Illustrative purposes Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter

The busy living conditions in Dubai makes most people fall prey to laziness. Mornings are always energetic and this zest gradually reduces by the end of the day. Some people find exercises and other health activities boring. This creates a change in health, mental and other physical conditions.

The best solution to having a healthy lifestyle, is to get a pet. A pet or an animal companion primarily keeps a person company.

My wife and I used to be very lazy. We spent our days being busy with our stressful jobs, only to come home tired and lazy. This routine made us depend on junk food. We hardly found the time to maintain our health. This lifestyle made us obese, anxious, affected our temper and more.

For my wife’s birthday I wanted to get her something she would like. She loves animals and wanted a dog or cat, but we had limitations since in our building, pets were not allowed. So the best choice was to go for smaller animal. I got her a hamster.

I managed to find a cute white Syrian Hamster, who was only a week old when I got him. He was the best gift ever.

When I gave her the present, the look on her face made me very happy. She named him “Cooper”.

One week we studied his food habits and activities for a week. We set timings to feed him and to play with him. He taught us to stay fit. His timely eating and drinking habits also taught us that animals too, know what is best for them. It made us want to stay healthy too. Take care of your pets and create a loving home for them.

- The reader is an engineer based in Dubai.