Our pets slowly changes our lives but we never notice it. When we come home from a hard day of work, seeing our pets takes away all our stress and sadness. They always want our attention and we always know that no matter what happens, our pets would always love us unconditionally, and we would love them back.

I want to share a story. A man used to walk by the same road every day, he used to see a homeless man sitting on the corner of a road smiling and greeting everyone with his golden retriever dog by his side.

The man wondered how the homeless man stayed so happy. One day after work he decided to stay and chat. He asked the homeless man how he stays so happy all the time and smile at strangers. He said it’s because he has someone who loves him unconditionally, his dog. Whatever money he got he always bought something to eat for both of them. When it was cold outside they would sleep together in the street to stay warm. This dog had once saved the homeless man’s life when he felt lonely and wanted to commit suicide.

When people share news of a pet going missing or dying, we wonder why it affects the human family so much. It was just a pet after all. We can never really understand until feeling the love that these pets give us. We can never know one’s love and pain until we don’t experience it. As time passes we can never even imagine them going away from us.

- The reader is a student based in Ajman.