AFP Pakistan PM Imran Khan Image Credit: AFP

I would like to thank Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, for his magnificent and magnanimous gesture in releasing Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan, safely to India. I hope this will help diffuse the current tense situation between the two countries and create a climate for a dialogue. Khan has behaved like a responsible statesman. Abhinandan’s release has made all Indians very happy.

We should also thank the Pakistan army who rescued the Indian pilot from the locals who tried to be violent with him, according to a video being circulated online. The Pakistan captain who urged people to stop,has also behaved in an exemplary manner and should receive due recognition. He behaved in a responsible and professional manner.

The Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India, need to engage in dialogue, to end the current dangerous eruptions on the borders.

Pakistan has also suffered from terrorist attacks and they have lost many lives as well. It makes eminent sense for both countries to cooperate to eliminate terrorism. It would be a serious error to let the current situation escalate. Neither country wants or can afford another war.

There are enough moderate people on both sides of the border who seek peace and they should make their voices heard. This is not the time to be aggressive and to add fuel to the fire, it is the time to be calm and talk to each other about peace and working together. Khan has extended a hand for friendship and peace talks. India should take it. There is no need to aggravate the situation.

- The reader is a resident of India.