Where is the world heading? Of course, it is not all doom and gloom, as the civilisation continues to move forward. For every negative there is always a positive, however the negative always gets highlighted more than the positive aspect.

Immigration has become a big debate in the world, even in countries that were primarily established on the principles of immigration. These countries are now worried and think it is time to stop and build a wall? Most countries have started campaigns against immigration, and think it is the reason for the destabalisation of economies and societies.

Right or wrong, who will judge? Brexit was somewhere born out of this idea of stopping the funding towards the European Union and stopping the excessive incoming of immigrants. When the feeling of nationalism was high, people could not see the rational fallout from this divorce. Leaving a single market, which was economically beneficial and fruitful for all, is becoming a challenge.

A balanced approach is missing everywhere, and we need to look for solutions, which have long- term positive effects.

Thinking on long term basis, countries need to understand that staying together as united is being much more powerful than being divided on the lines of ethnic identities. Moving from one’s own country happens because of the wars destroying certain places. People are moving from inhuman conditions to places that hold promise and opportunities.

Everyone, who is against immigration needs to read the causes of the situation. If anyone is somehow being forced out of their country by circumstances or the inhuman and suffering conditions, we need to meditate on the larger issue of why it is happening.

- The reader is a resident of Finland