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As the war in Gaza rages on, the resounding anthem “Long Live Palestine” by Swedish band Kofia has become a rallying cry for protesters across Europe.

Sweeping through the streets of Stockholm and echoing in mass demonstrations in other capitals, the song’s powerful lyrics demand an end to Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza.

'Long Live Palestine' by Swedish band ‘Kofia’, has echoed as mass protests erupt to call for an end to Israel’s bombing of Gaza Image Credit: YouTube

London witnessed a massive turnout of over 300,000 people on Saturday that coincided with Armistice Day commemorations, where the impassioned strains of “Long Live Palestine” became the unofficial soundtrack.

The song’s fervour has transcended physical boundaries, spreading like wildfire on social media and turning the album into a viral sensation.

As Israel's relentless airstrikes persist in battering Gaza, the band's poignant album has resurfaced, resonating with a global audience that spans from Europe to America and beyond YouTube

Originating in the 70s, “Leve Palestina” (Long Live Palestine) was written and composed by Kofia, a Swedish band from Göteborg led by Palestinian singer George Totari. The group, composed of Swedish musicians, has long been an advocate for the Palestinian cause.

As the world bears witness to the unfolding tragedy in Gaza, “Long Live Palestine” has become an anthem of resilience, unity, and a fervent plea for justice in the besieged enclave


As Israel’s air strikes continue to pummel Gaza, the band’s poignant album has resurfaced, striking a chord with a global audience — from Europe to America.

With more than 11,000 people killed in Gaza, a majority of them children and women, the escalating crisis has triggered mass evacuations not seen since 1948.

Postcard to Palestine

As anger and condemnation mount worldwide, Kofia’s anthem has emerged as a symbol of resistance. Known for their internationalism, Kofia was also involved in solidarity movements during the Vietnam War and South African struggles.

The viral album has captured the hearts of international audiences on social media

Long seen as a manifesto for the right of return and a defiant call for solidarity, “Leve Palestina’s” catchy chorus and stripped-back, minimalistic instrumentation, vividly depicts the harvests of wheat and olives in Gaza, and resonates as a postcard to those left behind in Palestine.