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New coronavirus strain hooks the world

Just when the whole world appeared to be returning to the normal with the advent of COVID-19 vaccines, a new virus strain shook several countries once again. Border lockdowns have resumed in some countries as a safety measure (“ What we know so far: How dangerous is the new COVID-19 strain?”, Gulf News, January 01). It is commendable that the UAE had taken all the steps leaving no stones unturned in combatting this virus menace with an astounding amount of safety measures. The care this beloved country has taken for its people speaks volume. We applaud the leaders who have led by example. We are also hopeful that soon all the restrictions will be lifted, so people can travel to and from the UAE hassle-free.

From Mr Wazi Naseem

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Thank you UAE government

I am an 11-year-old student studying at Abu Dhabi Indian school. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the seven Leaders of the UAE. You are indeed our superheroes. I love the UAE because it is such a diverse country and allows us to meet people from different parts of the world. It welcomes people with open arms and takes good care of its people. I thank the UAE government for coming up with ideas like the sterilisation programme, online learning, new rules and regulations, and many more for the safety of the people out there. I also take this opportunity to thank all the frontline workers. The UAE government organised many camps and free testing for residents, which is really helpful during this challenging time. Wishing everyone a healthy and bright year ahead.

From Miss Simra Khan


2020 was a wake up call

Dear 2020, it is of no doubt that the beginning of the decade was no less than a lightning bolt, and you made quite the unexpected entry in our lives. While some may say you gave us the pandemic, I say you gave us way more than just the pandemic. You taught the world what we were being reminded of from years. We were given many opportunities, yet, chose to brush it off as fiction, until it became too late. Thank you 2020, for teaching us to value the very meaning of human life, its worthiness in the world and the sole truth of its transient nature; for teaching us that materialism is short-lived, it comes and goes in just a blink. What remains is only those relationships you make with your loved ones and the bond you share with them. Thank you 2020, for reminding us that irrespective of nationality, colour, race, religion and caste, we are one, bound to the common root of humanity and can tide over the roughest waves only when we stand as a single body keeping aside our differences. And, for teaching us that time can travel faster than light. Thank you 2020, for ringing an alarm that woke us from the sleep of oblivion. Oblivion of what we have and what we chose to exploit to satisfy our motives, and oblivion to the time we had. While it took us almost months of stillness, several lockdown phases, we learnt it the tough way to triumph stronger than before. Now, as we bid goodbye, you leave us with a lesson that we should have learnt long back. “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children.”

From Abigale Kyra Fernandes


India level Test series after completing memorable win over Australia

Congratulations to Ajinkye Rahane and his boys for winning the Boxing Day Test match at Melbourne by eight wickets to level the ongoing Test series (“Ajinkya Rahane is brave, smart and has the respect of his team: Ian Chappell”, Gulf News, January 03). It is all the more heartening that our Indian Captain Rahane led the team from the front with a century, especially the debutants Subham Gill and Mohammed Siraj, who proved their worth. This win is all the sweeter as this has come after our defeat at Adelaide. This victory is an apt lesson for our coach and resting captain Virat Kohli that selection of players, based on horses for courses, is the way to success. The consistent failure of struggling opener Mayank Agarwal and Pujara, who are short of confidence, can be rested for Sydney Test, and K L Rahul and Rohit Sharma could take their places. Well done Rahane and keep up this tempo.

From Mr N Mahadevan


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