Patna: Congress Party workers celebrate as initial trends show the party leading in the states Assembly elections, at the Congress headquarters in Patna, Tuesday, Dec.11, 2018. (PTI Photo)(PTI12_11_2018_000053B) Image Credit: PTI

A book has numerous chapters. Consider your life as a book and the years passing by as the chapters. Like every chapter has an introduction and meaning, this year had one, too.

We welcomed the year like we welcome our guests. But, not everyone perceives a book in the same way. Some are not interested, some are highly engrossed. Similarly different people have different ways of perceiving a year, some may take it seriously, some lightly and some may know how to balance it well.

Not all the books are the same, likewise not all people are the same. The chapter of 2018 may not have been the same for everyone. Some may have found it really good and interesting because of certain achievements, arrival of a new member or meeting new people, thus adding new characters in the book.

However, others may not have had a pleasant year, they might have lost their loved ones, few might have had failures and setbacks. Not all the chapters of the book have to be interesting. Due to a single chapter, you don’t decide to stop reading a book without knowing the end.

So, you may not have had a good year, but it isn’t the end. You have no idea what the future holds. Keeping all the sorrows aside, waking up from the setbacks, we need to continue the journey.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a mesmerising new year and may the Almighty give us all the strength to overcome the obstacles of 2018.

— The reader is a student based in Dubai.