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Sharjah father-of-two left brain-damaged

Family stricken after Saeed Rasool is hit by stroke, heart attack and car crash

Image Credit: Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary/Gulf News
Saeed Rasool (centre) with daughter's Nadia, Gulnaz Samira (left) and wife Faiqa (right).
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Dubai: A family of four is struggling to make ends meet, ever since its sole breadwinner suffered a series of calamities — paralytic stroke, heart attack and car crash — all of which have left him brain damaged.

Saeed Rasool, a Pakistani national and resident of Sharjah, worked as a taxi driver for more than three decades and worked hard to provide for this family.

However, today he sits helpless on a chair, his eyes vacant as he mumbles inarticulate phrases.

Faiqa Rasool, 47, his wife of 35 years, sobs uncontrollably.

“Our visas expired five months ago. My husband who used to work so hard earlier cannot support us. I have no one in Peshawar to help me.

"My home was destroyed. Where do I go with my two daughters and invalid husband? He needs regular medication, but now without a health card we cannot even afford that.”

Faiqa has given a room in her home to a family friend who helps out with the Dh2,000 rent of the old villa in Al Qudsia.

Besides that, she does sewing for neighbours, one of her daughter picks up and drops children to school in her car while another daughter does baby-sitting for a friend’s toddler.

“We barely earn Dh2,000, which is barely enough to pay for very basic needs.

"There is no money to spare for medicines and now with an expired visa, my husband who was getting treated at Al Qassimi Hospital cannot get his regular medication,” she added.

Rasool came to Sharjah from Peshawar 38 years ago and later, after his marriage to Faiqa brought his wife to live with him 35 years ago.

Two daughters Gulnaz Samira 28 and Nadia 24 were born to the Rasools in happier days.

With a modest income that he earned from taxi driving, Rasool could ill afford proper schooling for his girls, who studied until grade 8 at an Islamic guidance centre near by and then had to drop out as the school did not have any further grades and their father could not afford proper schooling.

Gulnaz Samira, the elder daughter, told Gulf News: “There is no help for my baba (father) who cannot even talk to us anymore, he does not remember anything and seeing him in this state, my mother cries all day.

"I wish we had education to support my family. I am willing to get some employment to support my parents, but have no idea what I could do with just a grade eighth passing out certificate.”

The family is desperate for help to renew their visas and pay off debts that have piled up over the years.

“We owe Qassimi Hospital some money, in addition to that I have borrowed from friends and relatives and I continue to be in dire need of some funds.

"I owe Dh65,000 approximately and then I need someone to help me with my visa so that my husband can be eligible for a health card to receive the right treatment. I have two daughters to marry and I really do not know where my next meal will come from.

"I am willing to work hard to keep my family together but I have no idea how to go about doing this. I am praying for a kind hearted soul to lend a sensitive ear to our plight and help us out.”