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Cartons and sacks not banned at Abu Dhabi airport

Fake news circulating on social media says Abu Dhabi Airports banned luggage in cartons and sacks

Abu Dhabi International Airport
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Abu Dhabi International Airport
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Abu Dhabi: A fake message announcing a ban on luggage in cartons and sacks on airlines operating through Abu Dhabi Airports is circulating on social media.

The forged document has quoted a senior airport official as saying that the ban will come into effect on December 15 as part of implementing safety and security standards.

The fake circular said the move was to avoid breakdown of conveyer belts.

In response to an enquiry, Abu Dhabi Airports said in a statement issued to Gulf News on Wednesday evening: “There has been a statement circulating in public domain stating that Abu Dhabi International Airport no longer allows carton boxes or sacks as luggage for passengers. Abu Dhabi Airports confirms that this statement is false and not related to the company or any of its operating airports.”

However, Abu Dhabi Airports did not mention whether it would take any legal action in this regard.

As Gulf News reported ealier, spreading malicious rumours on the internet is a crime in the UAE, and can be punishable by imprisonment and a fine not exceeding Dh1 million.

Under Federal Legal Decree No 5 for 2012 on combating cybercrimes, spreading rumours “damaging social peace and public order” and causing damage to “national peace” empowers the UAE government to prosecute concerned individuals.

Article 29 of the Federal Legal Decree No 5 for 2012 states those proven guilty face imprisonment and a civil fine not exceeding Dh1 million.