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1,500 water-saving devices installed in Ajman

Water-flow regulators found to reduce water consumption by 40 per cent

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Ajman: Schools and municipal buildings in Ajman have been equipped with 1,500 water-saving devices.

A pilot project for the new initiative, entitled ‘Need of the hour’, found that the water-flow regulating devices had reduced water consumption by 40 per cent.

“Water is a valuable resource,” said Christophe Ledur, the general manager of Ajman Sewerage, a private company which launched the project in cooperation with the Government of Ajman and two other water treatment firms.

“We aim to change the conscience of the society to ensure environmental sustainability throughout the water cycle,” he added.

The new water-saving devices also maintain “comfort for users”, the firm noted in a press release.

After mapping main public spaces in Ajman, the firm aims at supporting the installation of the water-saving devices on a large-scale basis.

Under the plans, these will include mosques, schools, local authority premises and hotels.

Later this year, Ajman Sewerage also plans awareness initiatives, with open days at their wastewater treatment plant and lectures on water conservation in schools and colleges.

The firm collects wastewater, treats it and delivers clean water to Ajman City.

The sewerage firm has more than 350km of sewer lines, 22 pumping stations and a wastewater treatment facility that handles 100 million litres per day.

Every day, more than 400,000 people who live and work in Ajman benefit from the sewerage.