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The streaming platform is part of the daily routine of millions of people throughout the world, including here in the Middle East. It has become a favourite topic of conversation, where we share our impressions with family and friends about the latest movies and series. It also provides a platform for Middle Eastern television and cinema. Here's our selection of Netflix content from the region:

Gulf News The Kurator Netflix Barrakah
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Barrakah meets Barrakah

This romantic comedy received a standing ovation at the 41th Toronto Film Festival. Starring Saudi actors Hisham Fageeh and Fatima Al Banami - it's about a couple - a simple civil servant, and Bibi, a successful influencer. Even though the context of conservative Saudi society makes their relationship difficult, with couples mixing in public frowned upon, Bibi and Barrakah still want to learn to know each other and share their feelings.

Gulf News The Kurator Netflix Al Rawabi School for girls
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Al Rawabi School for Girls

A must watch Jordanian series, this show is set in an elite private school for girls, where the lead character, Mariam, is harassed by three classmates: a physical and mental violence that could be fatal for her. But the arrival of a new classmate, Noaf, changes everything. By the end of the series you will likely be left wondering if Mariam is the real victim in the story…? No spoilers here but one of the most interesting aspects of Al Rawabi School for Girls is the way that the director explores the relationship between female students, highlighting females' position in Middle Eastern society.

Gulf News The Kurator Netflix Six windows on the desert
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Six Windows on the Desert

Realised by different Saudi film directors, Six Windows on the Desert is composed of six short movies that illustrate the difficulties in society experienced by many Saudi citizens and residents. A little girl observing her nurse being disrespected by her parents explores the conditions for house workers in Saudi Arabia who come from countries such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Expression, liberty and religion are the main subject in the first episode when young theatre comedians are attacked by extremists for their show in Riyadh. The difficulty for young Saudis to express themselves is illustrated in the episode 27th of Shaban, where a young man and woman try to meet for a date despite restrictions.

Gulf News The Kurator Netflix Justice Abu Dhabi
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Set in Abu Dhabi, Farah is a young lawyer who studied in the USA. Her father, who like Farah, is also a respected lawyer in the United Arab Emirates, wants his daughter to join him in the cabinet. But Farah wants to go further, fighting to maintain the justice system in Abu Dhabi on her own. Will she arrive at her goal?