Stunning as they are, the glasses represent Pharrell’s new fashion venture.
Stunning as they are, the glasses represent Pharrell’s new fashion venture. Image Credit: Instagram @pharrell

Let’s be honest, Paris Fashion Week 2022 has seen several stunning celebrity looks, however American rapper, record producer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams caught everyone’s eye with his audacious appearance at the Kenzo show.

Pharrell was spotted wearing a Humanmade T-shirt, Kenzo parka and a beret. However, what really caught the eye were his glittering custom Tiffany and Co sunglasses. The front-row regular looked the part and, literally, dazzled the audience in attendance.

The sunglasses in question had almond-shaped frames that were made from 18K gold. While that in itself is impressive, the glasses were heavily adorned with precious stones. Featuring two emeralds and as many as 61 diamonds, the entire piece was a sight to behold.

Pharrell teased the sunglasses in an Instagram post with a quote saying “It’s about seeing things differently”. This is also the precursor to Pharrell’s new partnership with the brand, and is evidently in alignment with the company's new approach as it is being revamped by Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice-President of the brand.

Pharrell has won 13 Grammy awards for his work, including three as a producer, while his immense hit ‘Happy’ was nominated for Best Original Song for the Academy Awards.

Pharrell has also been deeply involved in the fashion industry over the years. In 2005, he teamed up with Japanese fashion label Nigo to conjure up the streetwear brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream footwear. Then in 2008, Pharrell is said to have co-designed a eyewear and jewellery collection for Louis Vuitton.

In our book, the inimitable ‘Get Lucky’ singer has delivered the goods and continues to do so.