The Paris Haute Couture Week 2022 has come to a close and, expectedly, there were several memorable fashion moments, over the course of the event. Some of our favourite Houses presented their Spring-Summer 2022 collections, and here’s our pick of the best.

Zuhair Murad kept the romance alive in his creations. Image Credit: Instagram @zuhairmuradofficial

Zuhair Murad

The Lebanese designer is widely known for his romanticised pieces and the latest collection is also steeped in fantasy. The line is inspired by 18th-century pirates, seeking lost treasure. Murad often employs several design techniques to create an outfit that flatters a woman’s silhouette. From gowns to cropped brassieres, this was one stunning line-up.

Elie Saab’s each gown is an intricate world of its own. Image Credit: Instagram @eliesaabworld

Elie Saab

Lebanese designer Elie Saab, dubbed his latest collection ”Éden on Earth”. Predictably, each gown feature meticulous attention to detail and intricate artistry, making it one of its kind. The range is inspired by the many histories and cultures. Overall, a bright spectrum of colours splash across a panorama of silhouettes that took the audience on a marvellous and unforgettable journey.

Valentino showcased a collection that’s designed for all body shapes and sizes. Image Credit: Supplied


Under the creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli Valentino showcased its “Anatomy of Couture”. The collection did not follow the so-called perfect body template, but created a range of apparel that are inclusive and designed for women with different body shapes, sizes and age.

One of the most striking collections on the runway, Piccioli’s creations struck the perfect balance between elegance, as well as drama at the same time. Understated, yet head-turning.

Gaultier’s striking silhouette and stunning colours were clear and present. Image Credit: Instagram @jeanpaulgaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier is well known for his ability to elevate the female form with his silhouettes. For Paris Haute Couture Week, the designer look the resplendent path, where long corset gowns ebbed and flowed as the models made their way across the runway. The colours were also striking indeed. All in all, the Belgian designer more than held his own at the event.

Chanel stuck to tradition and revealed a line that was an ode its brand heritage. Image Credit: Supplied


The brand showcased its line at the Haute Couture Week 2022 in Paris. Creative Direction Virginie Viard used the latest collection to bring a sense of the House’s traditional elements, albeit with new silhouettes. The collection heavily draws upon 1920s and 30s fashion from Chanel.

The overall, theme was relatively muted, yet immensely classy. The conventional tweed suits were back, however they were adorned with feathers and sequins. Eveningwear, meanwhile, featured a deconstructed look and revealed a plethora of design elements that one has come to expect from the brand.