The special necklace is limited to just 203 pieces and will be sold solely in Messika boutiques within Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Supplied

Parisian jeweller Messika has just revealed a brand-new limited-edition piece for its Saudi Arabia boutiques as part of the Maison’s signature Lucky Move collection of necklaces.

Paying homage to the Kingdom’s symbolic colour green, according to the Maison the mark of the occasion is “in honour of the trailblazing progress and accomplishments of the Kingdom…”

Founder Valérie Messika personally chose Aventurine for its mesmerising green hues. Image Credit: Supplied

Limited to just 203 numbered pieces in a tribute to Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and Saudi National Day on September 23, every KSA Edition necklace is presented in deep, vivid greens, encompassed by shimmering diamonds making this special piece the first time that Messika has ever used the highly rare Aventurine stone in one of its creations.

Aventurine as a crystal is known for its stunning green hues and is meant to symbolise prosperity and leadership according to the Maison. Founder Valérie Messika personally selected it for its properties of stimulating mental clarity and creativity.

The exclusive piece will be available solely from Messika boutiques within the Kingdom and we have no doubt that each and every one of the 203 limited necklaces will quickly find their custodians.