Valerie Messika jewellery designer
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Wearing diamonds is still a synonym of luxury, timeless and glamour. It is a luxury classic in high jewellery, especially for symbolising love and engagement for all the generations. But the French jewellery designer Valerie Messika, will make diamonds look different when she starts founding her eponymous brand Messika in 2005. A successful brand story that is now international with hundreds of boutiques in the world with new openings in the Middle East such as Kuwait City and Dubai.

Messika Lucky Move bracelet
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Creating the brand, Valerie Messika wants to bring a contemporary and accessible interpretation of the diamond. Forget the diamond classics such as the river or the solitaire: Messika gives us a fresh vibe of the precious stone: less ceremonial, she makes trendy and easy to wear creations, with Move: the easily recognisable design made of movable three diamonds that adorns bracelets and necklaces.

Messika High Jewellery Atelier
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Thanks to her atelier, Valerie Messika arrived also to create innovative designs, such as The Skinny line: a fine line of diamonds with a flexible design to fit perfectly well when we wear it. The Move and Skinny lines are now the signatures and the best-selling collections, playing brilliantly on technical innovation and modernity without compromising quality and are still symbols of femininity, emancipation, and power.

Messika Kate Moss
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Since 2017, the jewellery designer goes further in the creative process starting collaborations. Top model Gigi Hadid is the first model guest to design with Valerie Messika.

In 2019, other fashion icons, from different ages and beauties will follow to represent the brand: Sylvia Hoeks, Joan Smalls, and Kate Moss that share the same passion for jewellery.

Today Kate and Valerie are a creative duet designing high jewellery collections, mixing diamonds and precious stones. A rumour says that Rihanna could be the next muse: Shine bright like a diamond by Messika? Sounds already amazing.