20220519 Prada
The Prada pop-up is now open at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Prada has opened a new pop-up in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, which celebrates it colours and atmospheres of striking distant lands that are the brand’s key visual traits. The House’s “spaces inside Mall Of The Emirates are literally defined by light, resonating with special energy.

According to a statement: “The backlit surfaces feature a sequence of bright, alternating stripes in contrasting colours, while a neon sign provides a fresh, iconic interpretation of the Prada triangle logo, mixing urban references with elements from a transfigured natural setting.”

At the entrance of the pop-up is large, ivory-white and green stripes, which are followed by an array of stylised tropical forest, featuring hundreds of Prada hats spanning various colours, models and materials growing from the brand “growing like leaves and flowers on green metal trunks and branches.”

Meanwhile, the windows feature intense contrasting colours and patterns, which create stunning graphic effects. One thing that remains a constant is the dominance of the neon Prada triangle.

Furthermore, coloured stripes find their way into the garments in the store’s special collection, “giving a burst of energy to flowing silk blouses, mini, calf-length and full skirts, distinctive terry-effect knitwear and casual men’s shirts and shorts. The same hues are repeated on the accessories: striped hats made of raffia – in several timeless styles – and nylon.”

Finally, the Prada Triangle, which is available in leather and raffia also provides an interpretation of the brand’s iconic triangle.