Valentino is now one of the luxe brands such as Oscar de la Renta, and Tommy Hilfiger that have modest fashion for the region. Image Credit: Supplied

Iconic fashion house Valentino has revealed an exclusive collection of abayas on the occasion of #QatarCreates 2021. The exclusive Haute Couture Abaya Collection, which was exclusively created by Pierpaolo Piccioli, wowed the audience at a glittering event at Doha Design District.

The event also showcased a special installation, within which the couture abayas were revealed. The Valentino Des Ateliers Haute Couture collection also featured the twelve artworks that were the inspiration behind this spectacular range. Valentino revealed as many as fifteen unique abayas that evoke the Valentino Haute Couture creations, and are true to the Atelier work the brand has gained global recognition for.

When it comes to the design, Pierpaolo Piccioli used a masterful technique that translates the colour layering, the signs, the full and empty portions into lines, cuts, compositional gestures. This resulted in a resplendent line of abayas that would wow anyone looking for modest fashion.

The abayas
The abayas can only be purchased through exclusive private appointments. Image Credit: Supplied

All abayas are in vibrant colours and have long and layered silhouettes, making them elegant, classy and yet stylish at the same time. The immense attention to detail is evident in the virtuosity of the workmanship. All the abayas, despite sticking to tradition dissolve into ineffable, effortless lightness creating an unparalleled look.

Naturally, the abaya collection is highly exclusive and was only available through private appointments between October 31 to November 5, 2021.

Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli created this range of abayas to honour the women of the Middle East. Each of the abayas feature unique colour and flair. The materials used are varied as well ranging from cashmere, luxe velvet to silk.

The collection included 15 exclusive pieces using various materials and crafting techniques. Image Credit: Supplied

While there were several noteworthy pieces, some stood out more than others. For instance, royal blue abaya, which featured an exquisite metallic interior as lining and layered over a hooded dress was a sight to behold. All in all the collection was didn’t fail to impress.