Dubai: With the UAE celebrating its 50th, there is nary a doubt that the nation has shattered stereotypes and progressed in leaps and bounds. Here we look at five young creative Emirati designers who are pushing the envelope and shaping the cultural future of the country.

Rawda Thani - Fashion Designer

The Emirati designer founded the glamorous illi brand of couture abayas. She is fearless in her designs, while bearing the modesty aspect in mind. Her creations are an interplay of textures and have been donned by some of the biggest influencers in the region. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to modest fashion.

The illi brand is modest fashion aimed at ambitious women. Image Credit: Instagram

QASIMI – Fashion Label

Founded by Khalid Al Qasimi in 2015, the London-based fashion brand has a Middle Eastern twist to it. Creative Director Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi is now at the helm of the much-vaunted label, She is also the President and Director of the Sharjah Art Foundation. QASIMI is available at top boutiques around the world and is part of the London Fashion Week.

The brand offers unisex products such as the boxy knitted sweatshirt here. Image Credit: Instagram⁠ @qasimi_official

Omar Al Gurg – Photographer and Architecture Design

Omar has an unrivalled eye for creativity when it comes to photography and spatial design. He holds a degree in Architecture from Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Omar melds his training as an architect with his passion for creativity to create photographic masterpieces. He’s been part of Dubai Design Week.

Omar’s work has been displayed at Dubai Design Week. Image Credit: Instagram @oalgurg

Noora Al Serkal – Graphic Designer

A devoted, and might we add talented, content creator, Noora has been passionate about all aspects of creativity, including designs which evoke emotions. She creates digital content in a variety of formats from fashion to art and even animation. There are no limits.

Noora’s work melds various genres of content creation to create her masterpieces. Image Credit: Instagram @nooraalserkal

Fatema Al Fardan – Fashion Designer

Fatema was born in the UAE in 1987 and studied in London at the American Intercontinental University (AIU). She is a First Degree Honours graduate in Fashion Design and Marketing. Her label Fatema Fardan has received critical acclaim and her creations have also been part the New York Fashion Show.

Fatema’s eponymous label has received critical acclaim but regionally and internationally. Image Credit: Instagram @fatemafardanofficial