You have until December 12 to visit the Prada Holiday pop up in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Catwalk. Image Credit: Prada

Prada is presenting the new 'Prada Holiday' pop-up store especially for the holiday season in the UAE and you have until December 12 to visit the exclusive space located at the Dubai Mall.

You can check out the exclusive space in the Dubai Mall’s Fashion Catwalk and the pop-up itself is quite an experience, with a structure designed to mimic the typical holiday markets you find all over Europe during the festive season held in central town squares, with a white and gold colour scheme with neon tubes lighting up the whole set up.

The Prada Holiday pop up is inspired by traditional European festive season town square markets. Image Credit: Prada

Visitors to the holiday pop-up have on offer Prada’s finest gifts for both men and women, which include perfect holiday gift ideas such as bags, scarves, accessories, and jewelry. So it doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for or even if you’re just treating yourself because “Prada Holiday” is sure to have something for everyone to make this festive season one to remember.