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Dubai: Congrats on finding a new place! When you are about to move into a new rental unit in the UAE, your landlord is supposed to conduct maintenance on your new house. The best thing to do, is to go ahead of the move in and make yourself a snag list.

However, we know how busy you are, so to make your move is as easy and seamless as possible, here is the ultimate snag list of things that you can easily give your maintenance company in the UAE for the ultimately clean and fixed up home.

Just print this out and take it with you to your new home

Ceilings and walls

• Make sure the surface of the walls are even and free from obvious hollows and/or bumps

• Fix any cracks in the surface of the wall and ceiling

• Paint every visible wall surface on the interiors of the home in pure white colour

• Paint the outside of the home in a fresh coat of white paint

• Make sure all paintwork or decorative finish is complete and free from blemishes


• Make sure the window frames are all repaired

• Make sure the window frames are completely clean and free from dirt and dust

• Seal the windows neatly from the inside of the frame/wall junction with white silicone to prevent the heat from entering the house. This saves on your electricity bill

• Make sure all windows open and shut easily and that the locks are working well

• Make sure each window has a repaired screen

Doors and Frames

• Make sure all external doors are properly draught proofed

• Make sure the door locks properly

• Make sure the door handles are correctly fixed and screwed in

• Make sure no screws are missing from the door hinges, handles or lock plates

• Make sure all the paintwork on the doors and the frames are complete, with no chips


• Make sure all the tiles are flat

• Make sure that all the grout is completely clean

• Clean and fix up the entire area under the stairs (if applicable)


• Clean or replace all the AC filters

• Make sure all the piping is secure

• Make sure there are no signs of any leaks

• Clean the AC duct

Bathrooms and WC

• Make sure the toilet flushes and refills properly

• Make sure the taps work properly

• Make sure the water pressure is good in the shower

• Make sure the toilet seat is new and fixed in line with the pan. Make sure it is not loose or damaged

• Make sure all the tiling been set out properly with even cuts at edges and top

• Make sure the grouting is neat and complete

• Make sure the wall tiling clean and shiny and free from all dust

• Make sure the bath and the sink are sealed neatly with white, mould resistant silicone

• Make sure all the corners to wall tiling been sealed neatly with white, mould resistant silicone

• Make sure the the taps labelled correctly for hot and cold. The cold tap should always be on the right.

• Make sure the extractor fans work properly without being too noisy


• Do all doors and drawers open and close correctly?

• Make sure all the gaps are closed and filled with silicone

• Are the doors of cupboards hung correctly and do they line up?

• Is the sink free from dents and scratches?

• Have sink plugs been provided?

• Is the drain clear and unblocked?

• Are all kitchen units and worktops and worktop edges free from damage?

• Make sure all cupboards have shelving

• Is the dishwasher and/or washing machine areas fully plumbed in and connected?

• Is the grouting complete and tiling clean?


Make sure all the sockets are operational.

• Check that all lights work, and that all switches work and are switched the right way.

• Make sure the circuit breakers (fuse trip switches) correctly labelled and accessible?

Outside the home

Drive way

• Make sure none of the outside floor tiles and bricks are cracked?

• Make sure all the surfaces flat and even

• Paint the wall white and remove the dirt


• Make sure all the window and door frame surrounds been sealed neatly with mastic

• Repaint the front door

• Make sure the doorbell works


Deep clean the house

Pest control to spray everything

Happy moving!