Dubai: The contribution for Zakat Al Fitr, the charity given at the end of Ramadan, has been set at Dh20 this year, a Dubai official said.

The announcement follows a recent meeting between Dubai officials and charities active in the emirate and other emirates.

Also, the official rate for sponsoring iftar, the meal for ending the daily fast during Ramadan, has been set at Dh15. The rate for sponsoring Eid clothes for the needy has been set at Dh40.

The announcement was made by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) on Monday.

Ramadan is expected to begin around mid-June this year. Muslims traditionally pay Zakat Al Fitr for each family member under the care of the head of the family. They also voluntarily contribute iftar and new clothes for Eid Al Fitr, the festival marking the end of the holy month.

Dr Hamad Al Shaibani, director-general of IACAD, said the department coordinates with charitable institutions in Dubai and also with those in other emirates that express an interest in taking part in IACAD’s humanitarian projects and initiatives.

“We hold such meetings regularly every year. The goal of them is to enhance the competency of humanitarian projects in order to help the underprivileged as much as possible and to raise the satisfaction and trust of the donors,” he said.

The department agreed to set the rates during a meeting with representatives from Red Crescent Dubai, Bait Al Khair Association, Al Ihsan Charity Association, Dar Al Ber Society, and Dubai Charity.

Al Shaibani said a team including representatives from IACAD and charitable organisations has been formed to prepare a report about the best food products in terms of quality and price to be circulated to all charities.