Dubai: A non-profit organisation is pushing women’s representation in the tech industry and world of start-ups which has been traditionally dominated by men at this year’s Gitex Technology Week.

Nama Women Advancement Establishment (Nama) said it is supporting eight women to showcase their start-ups to potential investors and buyers, and engage with like-minded peers at this year’s Gitex Future Stars (GFS), the largest start-up network in the Middle East and Africa that runs alongside Gitex Technology Week.

The eight participants were given the chance to participate in one of the biggest start-up events in the region, ‘Gitex Supernova Challenge,’ with $180,000 (Dh660,600) in cash prizes.

Reem Bin Karam, Director of Nama, said Gitex Future Stars is the perfect platform for women to showcase their innovation and demonstrate their capacity and understanding of the world of technology.

“Nama constantly encourages and supports women to enter new fields, and is confident that they can succeed in an environment that is constantly evolving and presents new challenges every day. To do well in any sector is an achievement to be proud of, but to thrive in a sector were women are underrepresented is truly exceptional,” Bin Karam said.

Nama is also launching the Badri Virtual Academy, a business entrepreneurship virtual academy that aims to empower entrepreneurs and to ensure that female entrepreneurs will reach their highest potential.