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Cat abandonmnent continues to be a problem. With the increase in the number of centers working to protect abandoned and abused animals, one might think that the problem would’ve got better over the years. But, no, the number of people abandoning their pets in Dubai continues to be on the rise.

Lesley Muncey, chairperson of Feline Friends, a non-profit organisation based in Dubai working to help abandoned pets since 1991 said: “We are facing an epidemic of dumping animals.”

Muncey believes it is not just important to home animals, but also to follow the right structure and method while doing so. She said: “Very often we see pictures of dreadfully injured animals being treated and put back on the road. I know many of us want to save most cats, but it isn’t always practical.

“Knowing how widespread the problem is in Dubai, I think it is more important to focus and spend our restricted budget on the healthier animals.

“Many people bring their pets to Dubai and then abandon them. This is another reason that no matter how much we try the problem keeps increasing.”

With these new problems Muncey said that it is not only important to foster these animals but also to spread awareness about the problem.

How to feed stray cats?

Stray cats need to be able to fend for themselves. When people begin to feed them and give them attention, they lose the ability to hunt and survive on their own. This wouldn’t be a problem if people looked after them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, we move homes or even countries, and then the stray cats who learned to rely on us are left helpless. Read on for instructions on how to help stray cats without hampering their independent instincts.

■■ Stray cats should only be fed once every other day. This forces them to still hunt and keep their survival skills.

■■ Feed stray cats near garbage bins or other sources of scraps. This allows the cat to still find food in the area if you aren’t available to feed them any longer.

■■ Always sterilise stray cats. This prevents them from breeding and introducing even more cats to a population that already competes for scarce food resources.


If you see an abandoned cat call:

• Dubai: Feline Friends – 050 451 0058

• Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter - 02 575 5155

• Sharjah: Sharjah Cat and Dog Shelter (SCADS) - 06 5453985

• Ajman: Poshpaws Kennels - 050 2730973

• Ras Al Khaimah: RAK Animal Welfare Centre - 050 432 1873

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