Dubai: Dubai Police rescued a tourist who lost his way in the Hatta mountains and was too fatigued to return after a long journey on foot, an official said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmad Atiq Burqibah, deputy director of the police’s Search and Rescue Department, said the tourist called the police command room on Thursday evening saying he was exhausted and could not return.

“It was night [time] and the tourist sent us his location through Google Earth. We rushed to the site and rescued him,” Lt-Col Burqibah said.

The rescue teams found the tourist on the other side of the location near the Hatta dam and they crossed the dam in rubber boats and reached him.

“We provided the tourist with first aid and he is now in a good condition,” Lt-Col Burqibah added.

The tourist told the officers that he had climbed the mountain on foot to enjoy the view but, later on, lost his way and couldn’t return after sunset.

He thanked the police for their quick response and for providing the necessary help.