Dubai: A timely endoscopic procedure has helped save the life of a 100-year-old Emirati man suffering from a severe bowel obstruction.

A team of doctors from Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai carried out the delicate surgery on the man, who was experiencing a serious deterioration in his health, doctors have said.

The hospital confirmed that the patient, who is about 100 years old, is the oldest person to undergo endoscopic surgery in the country.

Dr Maher Abbas

Dr Maher Abbas, medical director of the colorectal clinic at Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai, who led the surgery, explained that the elderly man’s situation was critical due to his age and existing medical conditions, which included colon cancer and enlargement of the heart muscle.

The patient was also experiencing severe symptoms such as being unable to eat and constantly vomiting.

A bowel obstruction occurs when the large or small intestine is partially or totally blocked, preventing food, fluids and gas from passing normally, Dr Abbas said, noting the dangers the condition can have on the body.

“When there’s a lack of movement of food particles in a particular area, it leads to loss of the intestine’s main functions of digestion and absorption (of food) and disposal of waste,” he explained.

He pointed out that the patient’s case required an immediate intervention to save his life using the latest techniques in endoscopy.

“We succeeded in clearing the obstruction through endoscopy and by installing a metal coil in the colon (endoluminal stent), which helps open up the area of blockage, so that the patient can resume going to the bathroom naturally.

“The procedure is carried out without the need for any surgical wounds and has much lower risk compared to either the traditional or laparoscopic surgery. The patient was placed under mild anaesthesia using modern methods of clinical observation,” he added.

Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Al Zahra hospital, confirmed that the patient’s condition gradually improved following the surgery, and that he has stopped vomiting.

“The patient can now consume food normally and his psychological condition has also improved.” Dr Abdelghany said.