Dubai: As part of a police campaign to make beaches safer, police are posting advice and messages on their social media sites.

Warnings will also be posted on signs along beaches to educate the public on the dangers of reckless use of powerful personal water craft. Dubai police are advising parents not to allow teenagers under the age of 14 to operate a jet-ski.

Brigadier Abdul Qader Al Bannai, director of Ports Police station, said teenagers under that age shouldn’t be allowed to use jet-skies without adult supervision.

“Teenagers of that age are not capable of driving a jet-ski or control the directions. They can cause sea accidents and sometimes drown. Jet-ski accidents can be deadly like serious traffic accidents on the roads,” Brig Al Bannai said.

He called on legal jet-ski users, meanwhile, to stay in restricted areas along Dubai’s coastline, to not speed or go out at night without proper navigation lights.

“Parents can take their teenage children with them on jet-ski and have fun, the law allowed teenagers to use jet-ski but with a supervision of an adult.”

Brigadier Al Bannai, urged jet-ski users to wear helmets and take necessary precautionary measures for their safety.

He called upon parents to keep an eye on their children especially those who can’t swim.