Sharjah Police succeeded in reuniting a 75-year-old Arab woman with her family after she lost her way to her son’s house in Al Ramtha area in Sharjah. The incident came to the light when an Emirati woman found the elderly woman wandering alone in the road . Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: A 75-year-old woman who lost her way to her son’s house in Al Ramtha area in Sharjah was reunited with her family by Sharjah Police.

The incident came to light when an Emirati woman found the elderly Arab woman wandering alone on the streets.

The Emirati woman noticed that the elderly woman looked exhausted and confused.

She then approached the latter and offered her help.

The old woman told her that she was visiting her son who lives in the same area and after she left the house she failed to figure out the name of the street leading to her son’s house.

The Emirati woman then took her to the License Services Centre and reported the matter to the officers there.

The officers provided the elderly woman with care and assistance till they tracked down her son. The police managed to identify the woman’s son and summoned him to the centre.

The elderly woman was reunited with her son after making sure of his identity and the woman was his mother.

The police asked the man to take care of his mother and not let her to be left out alone.

The elderly woman’s son thanked the police for the care and assistance they provided to his mother.

Sharjah Police appealed to all community members and families to pay close attention to their aged parents, especially when they are out of the house and urged them to never leave their elderly parents alone under any circumstances.