Sharjah: Sharjah Police have launched anti-begging campaigns with the distribution of booklets in Arabic, English and Urdu, said Colonel Arif Bin Hudeib, Head of Media and Public Relations Department at Sharjah Police.

Residents approached by beggars are advised to call Sharjah Police immediately and a police patrol will be dispatched to the location.

Referring to the various tactics adopted by beggars to extract money from people, a police official said, “Some beggars pretend they are handicapped, or have a life-threatening disease, and hence are unable to provide for their families or need money for an urgent medical surgery.”

In other cases, beggars show fake documents about a fund-raising campaign to build a mosque or a school for orphans in their home country.

Based on studies of past cases, Sharjah Police found that dangerous and organised gangs bring beggars to the country.

People wishing to do charity should approach charitable organisations directly.

The Ramadan campaign will cover the entire emirate and focus on areas near malls, markets, mosques, commercial and residential areas. The public can call Sharjah Police on 065623322 and 901 to report beggars.