Abu Dhabi: The three-day weekend on the occasion of Eid Al Adha will give residents an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

Gulf News spoke to a cross section of residents to find out how they are spending the Eid holidays.

Rafeek Hydros (right), from India, will be flying home to celebrate Eid with his mother and extended family.

“I will be travelling to India for five days to spend time with family and friends. I am very excited. I fly back home whenever I get the opportunity. Eid is a special occasion so I am happy that I will be able to enjoy it with my loved ones,” he said. “I will start the first day of Eid with morning prayers. There will then be a big gathering in our family home where the whole family will have lunch together.

“It is part of Eid tradition to be with your family, especially on the first day. My father passed away a few years ago and so it is important to spend occasions like this with my mother.”

Zeshan Meer (right), from Pakistan, will also be flying home to celebrate Eid with his family.

“Thanks to the three-day weekend I am going to enjoy a small holiday in Pakistan with my family. My family, including my father and mother, is waiting for me, I haven’t seen them in many months, so I am looking forward to spending time with them,” he said.

“On the first day of Eid, we are going to have a big family gathering outside our house with a nice barbeque. This is what Eid is all about; it’s the best time to spend with your family.”

For Zahi Aboul Hosn (right), from Lebanon, the Eid holidays are a double celebration as his cousin recently gave birth to a baby boy.

“I am going to visit my family in Al Ain as my cousin was recently blessed with a baby boy,” he said. “There will be a family gathering, food, and just all of us doing things together as a family on Eid.”

“The day will mostly be spent with older members of the family while the night will be spent with the younger crowd. Eid is definitely a time to meet with family, especially with extended family attending the gatherings,” he added.

Drame Bridget (right), from Uganda, said she was going to spend Eid with her husband, who she has not seen for three weeks.

“I can’t wait to see my husband. I haven’t seen him for three weeks because he was in Abu Dhabi on work while I live in Al Ain. We are going to spend the whole three days together, relaxing, going out, and watching some movies,” she said.

Bridget, who is also expecting a baby in December, said that shopping for the baby was high on her list of Eid activities.

“I am expecting a daughter in December, so I am going to do some baby shopping with my husband at the malls over the Eid holiday, buying new clothes and baby items to welcome our new child.

“My husband and I are also planning to go to Ajman to see some friends. We will spend the whole first day of Eid with them, going to the beach, eating, talking, and just enjoying each other’s company. We have known them for a long time and they are like family; it’s a good time to catch up because we normally don’t have the time to see one another,” she said.

Mohammad Mithu (right), from Bangladesh, plans to see the sights in Dubai in the company of his friends.

“I am going to be with my friends during the Eid holidays. We will visit malls, eat at restaurants, shop, and really just make the most of the long weekend. The Eid holiday is always a good time to go out and have fun with friends and family.

“We will also visit Dubai over the holidays, maybe on the second day of Eid, and do some sightseeing. We will visit some parks as well. It will be an enjoyable day out,” he said.