Abu Dhabi: After a day of fasting, residents in Abu Dhabi like to enjoy their Ramadan evenings visiting cafes, outdoor parks and shopping malls with friends and family.

“Ramadan is about spending time with friends and family,” said Hadif Al Mansouri, 41, Emirati.

“It’s nice to come to the cafe with friends, enjoying each other’s company,” he added.

Ahmad Abu Khalaf, 32, an Egyptian friend of Mansouri, shared a similar view.

“It’s a routine — we finish our prayers and afterwards, we like to come to the cafe. We stay here for around three hours and have our suhour together before we go home,” he said.

Menaz Sana, 35, a homemaker from Pakistan, said she likes to spend her Ramadan nights with religious activities and visiting family.

“After the iftar, I like to go visit the mosque for the night prayers and the Taraweeh, and to read the Quran.

“After Ramadan, everyone is always so preoccupied and you don’t see each other as much, so Ramadan is the perfect time to get together and to catch up with the family,” she added.

Mohammad Ashraf, 48, an Indian father with two children, says he goes out every night during Ramadan with his wife and family.

“Some nights, we visit a shopping mall; on other nights, we go to the park or walk along the Corniche. “We stay out until around midnight.” His children, he said, are happy to spend time outdoors and do not feel tired.

“I also love to spend my time with my family during Ramadan,” he said.

Ahmad Mansour, 30, an Egyptian spending his first Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, said he liked to head out to the park to play sports with friends.

“In Egypt, I used to spend my Ramadan nights playing football with friends, and so I am doing the same thing here in Abu Dhabi. Some of my friends and I come to the park for one hour and play football.

“It’s a good way to stay in shape during Ramadan and to also have fun with friends.”