Organ transplant centre to open in Abu Dhabi by early 2018

The Cleveland Clinic of Abu Dhabi (CCAD) is all set to open a kidney and liver transplant centre in the capital which will have live and cadaver organ transplants by the beginning of 2018, said a senior representative of the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio on the sidelines of Arab Health 2017.

Dr Mathew Walsh, chairman of surgery from Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, told Gulf News: “We have finalised the opening with the health authorities and will have 50 per cent live and 50 per cent cadaver transplants.”

Dr Walsh added, “Our aim is to bring the multidisciplinary culture of Cleveland Clinic to UAE through global connect programmes and provide opportunities for medical innovation. Recently, we conducted the first-ever endoscopic achalasia, which is a minimally invasive surgery of the lower sphincter of the oesophagus. Similarly, we conducted other complicated endoscopic surgeries. Our aim is to bring multidisciplinary expertise in the field of colorectal surgeries, hepatology and cardiac surgeries, oncology and robotics to the UAE.”

Continuing medical education stressed

Dr Brian Dunkin, chief endoscopist from the Methodist Institute of Innovation and Education (MITIE) at Houston Methodist Hospital, highlighted the need to create an ethos of continuous medical training and updation for health-care professionals. Speaking to Gulf News on the sidelines of Arab Health 2017, he said: “While there is a sophisticated curriculum for medical school and residency, there is no system to make sure that doctors are continuously abreast of the rapid medical and technological changes. It is our endeavour at MITIE to address this issue.”

Dr Dunkin cited the example of creating such an atmosphere at the simulation and training centre at the King Fahd Medical City in Saudi Arabia. “We created a Fellowship of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) programme at the centre which greatly benefited surgeons of this region. We are looking to create similar programmes and training in UAE as well. While the industry can support such a learning process, there is also a need of all the stakeholders in the health-care sector to come together and facilitate such continuous learning.”