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Dubai: The municipality in Dubai has responded to the controversy surrounding the Crocs rubber shoes, and confirmed they are here to stay.

Dubai Municipality stated that the latest incident surrounding the soft rubber shoes was an accident, and that the global company has not withdrawn their products from the market. 

On February 14, a five-year-old boy lost his big toe when his foot got stuck in an escalator. The toddler flew from the UK into Dubai for a holiday, along with his parents and seven-year-old sister.

To warn parents about the potential dangers surrounding the soft rubber shoes, which leaves enough room for children’s toes to stick out, the boy's mother Helen Wood has since launched an awareness campaign on Facebook.

“Our holiday turned into a nightmare and it all happened so quickly giving us hardly any time to react. We thought wearing these soft closed rubber sandals was safer for kids as it protected the feet,” Wood previously said in an interview with Gulf News.

“However, when Stanley lost his toe, we realised that we are not the only parents dealing with this and there have been several lawsuits against a famous company that produces these colourful, soft rubber sandals that kids love so much. I will go back to UK and launch an awareness campaign to caution all parents and save our little children from such a horrific injury,” she said.